RARE MOMO Fanblades 7×15

A set of rare MOMO Fanblades for sale
These were made in 80’s.
Polished dishes and “blades”.
No physical damage, no kerb damage.
Full specs:
Now for the rarity of these wheels:
Search for these on google and see what comes up, not very much.
Any questions (pics etc.) just ask!


13 thoughts on “RARE MOMO Fanblades 7×15

  1. Currently bidding on those Ronal wheels on ebay i wished it where these 😮
    Will these be going on ebay as well?


      • i have send u an email on that adress without any reply…
        seems i also lost the bidding on the Ronal wheels 😦
        also noticed u put these wheels allready on ebay before contacting me back how can we settle on a price if u don’t respond?


  2. Are these still for sale really want them u are right cant find em anywhere have you got the centres with them

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately, these are without centre caps.
      Yes, these are still available.
      Email me, and i am sure, that we can make a good deal.



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