RARE 16″ Work Ewing III 5×120 OLDSCHOOL 16×9.5 3pc JDM SSR ADVAN VOLK RAYS

Set of rare WORK Ewing 3 wheels. Pretty good condition for being 32 years old. Oldschool wheels, Made in Japan. Lightweight.
Corvette setup, but will fit various BMWs with slight modifications (centre bore is 70.5mm) or spacers. Slight damage on 2 lips (see photos) but really nothing serious. Paint on centres is starting to peel around centre caps. Unfortunately, I don’t have Ewing emblems but I have original locking key.
Centre bore 70.5mm
Made in Japan in 1988
2020-08-04 18.22.25_edit2020-08-04 18.24.22_edit


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